New iOS Update for Apple Devices, Good or Bad? 1


Averi Farren

Many people have been waiting for the new Apple iOS update, 10.1. It seems that at the moment, while many people are yet waiting for the update to launch to their Apple devices, some are dreading it. Why could this be?

Well, for many reasons some people won’t update, because one of the most hated applications are the new ‘Emojis.’

Many other new changes have come with this new iOS update, but it seems the most popular is the newly found obsession over the revised emojis. You’re probably thinking, why would everyone be dreading the update just because of the emojis?

In the new update, Apple has decided to change the look of the classic emojis, and many people are debating whether the updated emojis are for better, or worse.

While the 100 new emojis are taking all the attention away from the other updates, some of them are improvements and probably worth looking at.

7th grader Mariah Escatel says, “Even though I have not updated to the new iOS, and I don’t have an IPhone, from what I know the new update seems very beneficial.”

In the new update, Apple had added a new screen option, when you swipe to the left of your home screen, a new search bar was added as well as the option to re-open your previously opened applications.

Another favorited update is the effect that allows the user to send GIFs, or fireworks when sending messages.

So, what do you think of the new iOS update? Is it good, or bad? You are welcome to comment.

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