Tower of- Galaxy?!??!!! 3


Mariah Escatel

Disneyland is well known for its variety of park attractions including its many other theme parks such as California Adventure, Disney World, Magic Kingdom, and the list goes on. And most know the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride at California Adventure. But many do not know that it is being remodeled into a Guardians of the Galaxy themed ride?

“I love that ride,” says Justin Pham, eighth-grader, “But why are they changing such a beautifully made ride into something not as beautiful? I don’t understand why Disney is doing this!”

Along with Justin, many other adoring Disneyland fans are very confused, and some are even enraged about the ride changing its look.

On the other hand, some more go-with-the-flow people believe that the ride could become even cooler and more exciting. Seventh-grader Maddy Fracassa says, “I’ve been on Tower of Terror many times, I’m sad about it changing, but I think it could be made into a better ride.”

In case you are wondering, Disney reason for taking out such a classic Disney ride is because Disney owns Marvel and there are no Marvel rides in any of the California parks. It’s kind of surprising considering Disney has owned Marvel since 2009.

Tower of Terror is closing early 2017, and the new ride is opening summer 2017. Even though some people have mixed emotions about the new ride opening, we are all excited to see what Disney is going to make of this fun Galaxy of the Guardians ride.


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