Bullied To Death 2


Kelsey Bisetti

Bullying isn’t okay; it isn’t funny. It isn’t cool or fun or trendy. We need to put an end to this, for these occurrences are becoming far too frequent.

Nine years can seem like an eternity, but to one West Virginia family, it’s not nearly enough. On September 10, nine-year-old Jackson Grubb took his own life after months of relentless bullying. Reportedly, the bullies would wait outside Jackson’s home so they could torment him more frequently.

In the weeks before his death, Jackson had built a treehouse in an attempt to befriend more children and forget about the antagonizers.

What could possibly be worse, you may ask. Well, his school, Sophia Soak Creek Elementary, refuses to be held accountable, claiming they had never received a report.

Over 77% of kids in the U.S. have been bullied verbally, physically, or mentally. Not to mention, many adolescents have taken to the internet in an attempt to hurt others. Cyberbullying is not only one of the most frequent types of bullying, but one of the most harmful. Bullying can have a lasting effect on children, all the way into adulthood.

When the school counselor, Miss Mondt was asked her thoughts on this topic, she responded, “Bullying is something we deal with on a daily basis, but people tend to ignore it. They think that if they just keep ignoring it, it will eventually go away. However, that doesn’t always work. We have to develop strategies and use our humor to protect ourselves against bullying. That’s what I always tell kids.”

This tragedy is unforgettable and if we want to stop cataclysms like this, we must take a stand. The last thing we need is to lose another beautiful soul like Jackson Grubb.


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