Veggie Burgers at In-N-Out? -Poll inside 3


Justin Pham

Recently, some have been asking for a vegetarian option on In-N-Out’s hamburger menu. There has even been a petition on to find out if the numbers support making a change to add a vegetarian option.

If not they will keep In-N-Out’s menu the same. So far, 57.2% of the people want to have veggie patties at In-N-Out, and 42.8% want to keep the original menu. With the two percentages neck in neck, who knows which side will win?

Stacey students have different opinions about this situation as well. Mariah Escatel quotes, “I think that it is not a very good idea because In-N-Out is a meat place, and it’s for burgers and stuff like that.”

While Kelsey Bisetti says, “Speaking as a vegetarian, I think that it’s a great idea that they have vegetarian options there . . . In-N-Out goes against my personal morals, and I don’t think that serving a vegetarian option will destroy In-N-Out like people think.”

So, will In-N-Out start serving veggie patties or will they keep the menu the same? With this huge debate going on, who knows what will become of In-N-Out?

Your turn to weigh in. What do you think?



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