Robotics Reply


Kenny Tran

With the 2016-2017 year starting, it’s time for some new electives here on the Stacey campus!

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), one of the new electives, has the eighth-grade students learning robotics. STEM is also taught in the “Trimester Wheel”  which is available to seventh graders as well. These electives are taught by Mrs. Ibbetson, the eighth-grade science teacher.

According to Mrs. Ibbetson, her seventh-grade STEM class will be building their first bridge that will be made of straight pins, straws, and popsicle sticks.  

In the robotics class, the eighth-graders built an arena for a game called crossover in just half a period!

“The robotics class is a lot of fun and is neat to see the kids excited when building a robot,” says Mrs.Ibbetson.

Mrs.Ibbetson decided to start teaching a robotics class a few years ago when she went to a high school to watch their robotics class in action.

If anyone in the school wanted to see what students are doing in robotics, they need just go to H8, Mrs. Ibbetsons’ class, and look at what the robotics class is doing.

The link below will lead to a video on all the robots that the class will be building and what they can do.

Next year, if you’re unsure of what elective you should select, think about the amazing robotics class!

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