Brine Shrimp 1


Elaine Tong & Evelyn Huynh

The seventh-graders are performing the brine shrimp experiment with Ms. Cleckler, Mrs. Winemiller, or Mr. Dandridge next week. Students will be observing the eggs of brine shrimp from hatchlings to late adults. This assessment should help students understand what variables exist in a science experiment.

Brine shrimp are an aquatic species that can consume algae and some human foods. They are commonly called sea monkeys, which originates from the shape of their tail. The brine shrimp make a fascinating experiment for both children and adults.

“I think it’s really interesting how brine shrimp eggs can stay dormant (being asleep while still having physical functions) for years and years and years . . . And then under the right conditions, they can hatch,” said Mr. Dandridge when interviewed about the experiment. The egg, once in the right conditions, takes a couple of weeks and a day before hatching.

The school provides the materials for the experiment.

Furthermore, the lab, set up last Thursday, will officially start on Monday.

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