Welcome Future Cougars! Reply

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Quang Truong

Clegg, Schroeder, Eastwood, Willmore and Webber’s 5th or 6th Graders came to our wonderful campus to explore and learn about the many things it has to offer.

Before a tour, led by Leadership and Link Crew students, Mrs. DeBritton started the assembly with a big, warm welcome to our future slaves, I mean, students. She explained some rules and policies to the incoming children, spoke a bit about the school’s diversity, academics, and extracurriculars.

After introducing some important people, Mrs. Scheiber and Mr. Yohn, she turned it over to Mr. Yohn and the Leadership crew. He said that coming to Stacey was like winning the lottery of middle schools. He briefly explained some things Leadership does and produces.

Then, he allowed Stacey’s student body president, Leandra Gimenez, along with Rachel Ravsten, to explain our night events and dances. Following, Marissa Korn and I , Quang Truong explained the different clubs offered and about Multi-Cultural Night. Marissa and I then allowed our last two guest speakers, Jocelynn Timmer and Alicia Rodriguez elaborate on sports. Mr. Yohn jumped in when Alicia attempted to explain our Running Team and Track Meet Team.

Following the speeches came the competition. Two students from each school attempted to throw Cheetos onto a plate of whipped cream being held by one of the other students. The game was a marvelous success as Clegg won and the crowd went wild.

Afterwards, Mrs. DeBritton gave the Leadership students and Link Crew members a group of students to escort around campus. Students were shown the Band Room, the Woodshop, the Library, the PE Area, and got a lovely tour of Mrs. Karsh’s room (H2) and some got to hear Mrs. Karsh speak about the Art Classes (Beginning and Advanced) and her Honors Language Arts and Honors Social Studies classes.

Students returned to hear Mrs. Debritton’s final words and some were lucky enough to receive prizes such as free Stacey shirts and free dance tickets. Then, they were on their way back to their schools.

All in all, a great day.

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