The Symbolism of America Reply


Jennifer Ly

Mr. Yohn’s History class did a project called Metaphorical America to review all of the history lessons learned this year. This project tested students’ ability to create a unique project concisely summarizing the major history events learned in the eighth-grade curriculum using symbolism.

Basically, students chose any picture to represent America and label 20 symbolisms–15 pre-picked by the teacher.  Among the features are the Westward Movement, Civil Rights, Constitution, Obama, Terrorism, and Debt. The student drew or glued images onto a piece of white paper with the symbols’ explanation on the back. Extra credit was given if the student drew it on a wide piece of construction paper, which could be found in Mr. Yohn’s room (G2B).

The project was due on Tuesday, May 31. It is 20 points for clear descriptions and 10 points for a visually pleasing and neat picture with the symbolic elements explained on the back, 30 points in total.



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