The Museum of Tolerance Reply


Leandra Gimenez

Last week on May 25th, Stacy’s eighth graders went to the Museum of Tolerance to learn about the holocaust. Established in 1993 the Museum of Tolerance has been giving people a deeper look at what was going on during the holocaust and what people went through. This year a selected group went to the museum and got to experience all the museum has to offer.

When you walk into the museum, there is a huge spiral ramp that takes you up to the exhibits. On the walls of the ramp are pictures of holocaust survivors with quotes from each. Once up the ramp, we entered a room that was full of televisions all playing different channels of the news. Our tour guide explains that the room is meant to make us think where our news comes from and if we trust what they are telling us. After that there were two big doors; one was lit up green and said non-prejudices and the other was lit with a red light and said prejudices. The tour guide had a student walk up to the door that they thought they were. The student walked to the door that said non-prejudice, and tried to open it, but it was locked. So he walked to the other door, prejudice door, and it opened. The purpose of the doors was to show that everyone is prejudice in one way or another, even if we try not to be.

Inside the doors, there was a replica of what Poland looked like in the 1920’s. As we walked through we got a glimpse of how Hitler began to take over and how quickly people’s lives changed.  In the beginning, everyone thought that Hitler was all talk, but they soon realized that he meant all the things he planned on doing.

After we had gone through the small replica of the city, we got to see another replica of an internment camp. We walked through the gates into the camp, and into a gas chamber where there was a video that explained what life was like in the camps. The video also provided real life stories about people that were sent to the gas chambers.

Once we finished the tour of the museum, we went to lunch. Soon after, we got to go back to the museum and listen to a holocaust survivor speak.  She told us her story and how she was able to survive. She said that although she doesn’t believe in a certain God she does believe that there was some type of angel looking out for her.

All in all, it was a great trip, and I really learned a lot about the holocaust. It’s a great experience and I’m glad so many students had the opportunity to go.

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