Hello, Mr. Dandridge! Reply


Erin Brown

Mr. Dandridge is a teacher that many students describe as fun who always seems to capture the classes’ attention. This year he teaches seventh-grade math and science. Next year he will only teach seventh-grade science because Ms. Erdelyi, the other half of the seventh-grade science team, is retiring.

CC- What will happen to Ms. Erdelyi classroom once she retires?

Mr. Dandridge- I believe that we are going to have a couple more teachers teaching seventh-grade science next year. I think Mrs. Cleckler is going to have a class, and I think Ms. Winemiller is going to have a class. So, I think they are going to kind of share that room when they teach science for seventh grade.  

CC- What subjects will you teach next year?

Mr. Dandridge- I will be teaching all seventh-grade science next year.

CC- Are you in charge of any electives? If so what one(s)?

Mr. Dandridge- I am not in charge of any electives.

CC- Are you in charge of any clubs? If so, what one(s)?

Mr. Dandridge- I am in charge of one, archery club.

CC- How long have you been teaching at Stacey?

Mr. Dandridge- This is my 15th year teaching at Stacey. I taught five years at Webber before that. So this is my 20th year as a teacher.

CC- Do you have a favorite lab that the seventh graders do?

Mr. Dandridge- I do actually, I would have to say my favorite lab is probably the Crazy Traits Lab.

CC- Why do you enjoy the lab so much?

Mr. Dandridge- Just because I think it puts all the thing that we learned about genetics into the lab. For some kids it really puts it together for them, so they understand it better after that lab.

CC- You are currently doing the frog dissection, has that proven to be quite troublesome with the classes?

Mr. Dandridge- Challenging? No, I usually do dissections because I know the kids love dissections, but sometimes it is hard to manage because kids get too excited, but it hasn’t been that bad yet. I make them watch me do a dissection first, so then when they sit down I just kind of let them do their thing and I walk around and coach them.

CC- When you walk into a room with people you haven’t met (example- students), what do you think is the first thing they notice about your personality.

Mr. Dandridge- They probably notice that I have a pretty good sense of humor. I like to kid the kids, I use sarcasm a lot.

CC- Was there any other subject that you were, or are, good at?

Mr. Dandridge- I was just kind of an average student my whole life, that was just because of my own laziness. I could have been a better student than I was, but I didn’t want to work that hard, so I was never really an A student, but I was definitely always a B or a C student. That was because I had goals, I wanted to go to college, so I did okay. I liked science, woodworking, and my English classes.

CC- Do you enjoy working with a new set of kids every year? Have you noticed any similar personalities with the students from the year before?

Mr. Dandridge- Oh yeah, every year is the same year. You have the same kids, they just have different faces. You always have the troublemakers, the ones that are lazy and don’t do anything, and the really good kids that work hard all the time; most of the kids are those. But you have the same issues basically every year.

CC- Ms. Erdelyi wants to know why you are a long haired hippy person?

Mr. Dandridge- I had long hair when I was in my twenties and I just thought, ‘you know what, I am going to grow my hair back,’ because I got tired of putting gel in my hair every day. So I decided to just grow it long and throw it back in a ponytail so I don’t have to worry about gel.

Thanks, Mr. Dandridge for all you do and for taking the time to let us get to know you better. Rock on.

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