The Return of the History Walk Through Reply


Thao Vy Phan

Stacey has been celebrating  diverse cultures by hosting Multicultural Night annually. Long before the infamous festive day was created, its origin, known as the Renaissance Fair, existed.

The Renaissance Fair ,unfortunately, disappeared because of block schedule. It took time away from history to extend time spent in math, causing teachers to scramble for extra time for this project. The Renaissance Fair, now renamed History Walk Through, returns after seven years.

Since students will not have access to their Chromebooks near the end of school, this project provides a hands-on activity for them. A group of four sixth or seventh graders will research a historical topic within their grade level. They will be collecting information to create posters, activities, games and prizes that relate to their research.

The History Walk Through is scheduled for the last Monday of the school year on June 13th. The fair is estimated to last half an hour because the sixth and seventh graders will have different times to present to the Clegg students.

Mrs. Redmond states, “[The purpose is] to teach the incoming Clegg kids what they’re going to learn when they come here, and then to help kids understand the material we didn’t get to this year… you learn more when you have to teach it, and that’s our goal as a History Department. We want to teach the students so that they can become experts.”


It should be a fun day for all.

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