Unmissable Movies #2-What Saves the Kids? 2

IMG_2852Thao Vy Phan and Samantha Skocilic

Cool Cat Saves the Kids is all about teaching kids lessons about bullying and such, but really it’s a horrible attempt to be relevant. This “movie” came out on February 1st, 2015. It even gained 3.8/10 stars, but before had a 7.0/10 for “it’s so bad, it’s good” rating.  It is a kid’s safety and bullying movie, but it is horribly different from our generation.

This movie has been known because of the Youtuber “I Hate Everything,” who wrote a review on Cool Cat Saves the Kids. Later, his videos were taken down by Derek Savage, the producer and director; he also stars in the movie as “Daddy Derek”. He said it was “copyright infringement”. The irony is that the movie has grown great popularity from “I Hate Everything”s” video, and without it, could have just been overlooked.

This all led to a big fight over Cool Cat Saves The Kids. Derek Savage was accused of abusing Youtube’s rules by taking down many videos with even slightly bad criticism towards his movie. Many viewers of these Youtubers were outraged and demanded that Derek Savage take away the strikes and re-upload them. After about a month, all was right again as the videos reappeared.

An IMDb user by the name of Alan Burnbull stated, “This film is an abomination. There is no movie-making know-how – it’s a badly made home-made movie. Apart from the awful acting, lack of discernible plot, terrible lighting, and clichéd dialogue, it has terrible advice on bullying. It is a dangerous approach to handling bullying! A good review by “I Hate Everything” among others on YouTube is under heavy attack by the creator of this film, despite having kept within Fair Use licensing . . . so much for free speech and the right to criticize . . .”

Cool Cat Saves the Kids is seen by most as a waste of time and energy because of how horrible it is. So if you are looking to waste some time, this movie might be a great choice.


  1. Laughing so hard… just looked at Kickstarter sight, look at all the ridiculous stuff this guy rights! “Oh no, a guy who DEFINITELY IS NOT the author in a cat costume found an over sized gun in front of his house!” All I could think the whole time I was looking at the sight was: “TROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL-OLOLOLOLOLOL-OLOLOL


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