No More Park? Reply


Destiney Hagberg and Leah Kurihara

The park is one of the most popular places to go after school. For one reason, there is more room to wait for your parents and also be with friends.

Stacey’s administration recognizes that it can be much easier for parents to pick students up at the park due to heavy traffic. The problem is the park is not on school grounds, and it does not have the appropriate supervision to meet student safety needs after 3:00 pm. There is no teacher watching, and Stacey’s students can still get in trouble for actions that occur after school. Furthermore, the school can be liable for students until they get home.

That being the case, the school issued a new rule stating that students can’t hang out at the park directly after school. Therefore, if your parents can not pick you up right after school, you must stay in front of the school.

The school is not saying you are unable to ever hang out at the park; they are trying to protect the safety of all of the students. Mrs. Scheiber said, “We care about the safety of all our students and want everyone to make good decisions and not be poorly influenced by anyone or anything.”

Even so, Mrs. Scheiber said, “Because the park is a public park, we do not have control over who is hanging out in the park and what is happening between non-Stacey students. However, we can provide adequate supervision on school grounds (in front of the school/office).”

“The reason we ask for students to not hang out in the park after school is for safety concerns.” said Mrs. Scheiber.

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