New School Year, New Electives Reply

During the 2016-2017 school year, there will be new electives to choose from at Stacey Middle School for the soon-to-be 7th and 8th graders.

To begin, the wheel will no longer be available for the incoming eighth graders, however, new sixth and seventh graders will still have the opportunity to choose it.

Elective choices for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:

Advanced Art will continue to be taught by Mrs. Karsh in room H3. This elective is for all of the artists, this will help you work on different styles of art and show off your skills to the school.

Band will continue to be held in the band room (big shocker there) and Mr. Woodruff will still be the musical director. Band is a great idea for the students who are musicals talented

Broadcast Journalism will continue to be held in Ms. Walter’s room, B4, it is all about creating reports about what is going on at Stacey and important events around the world. This is one of the few classes that require an application

AVID (Advancing Via Individual Determination) is still being taught by Ms. Tach, the seventh-grade teacher, and Ms. Valverda, the eighth-grade teacher.

Instructional Aide is a class that is dedicated to helping the teachers at Stacey. This elective has no set teacher, and will last for one period, helping a teacher around the classroom.

Leadership will only be a zero-period class, which is still being held in Mr. Yohn’s classroom. This applies for students who would like to help with school events and fundraisers.

Spanish class is a perfect opportunity to learn a new language. In high school, it requires students to take at least two years of a different language. This would be the perfect elective to speak a foreign language and help prepare for high school. This elective will be held in Ms. Valverde’s room, G2B.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Technology) will be taught by Ms. Winemiller and Ibison. This elective is good for people who have an interest in robotics.

Technology will have Mrs. Dandridge and Ms. Klean as the head of the technology classes. This class is all about technology skills, including presentation skills, coding, and more.

Theater Arts is a new elective that is in place of Chorus. This class will be held in Ms. Sale’s classroom, F5. The Theater Arts class will be all about singing and creating skits.

Videography will still be with Mr. Andrews, in D4, you will be making videos, like the ones on the Stacey YouTube channel, SMSCougars. At the end of the year, the class always creates an end-of-the-year video for the school year book, featuring students who attend Stacey.

Trimester Wheel (Art, Woodshop, STEM) is ONLY for the new sixth and seventh grades. Every trimester, this class switches between Art, Woodshop, and STEM. This is a great idea for students to become well-rounded and exposed to many new opportunities in life.

Advanced Woodshop will be taught by Mr. Ohmside. This class is all about creating amazing creations of art made from wood such as bowls, cars, planes, and rolling ducks!

Yearbook is still being held in Ms. Faun’s class and it is for the photographers who have school spirit and are ready to dedicate their time to making the yearbook.


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