🐈Cosplay! Japanese ANIME! Games! Wow! Reply

FotorCreatedSamantha Skocilic

On May 27th,Anime Club is holding  Amine Day! Anime Day is a day for all students of Staconia to enjoy the culture of Japan and much more; this event is for everyone to enjoy at both lunches. There will be games and performers and so much more! You can also win candy at certain booths.

Our games include Japanese Rock Paper Scissors, Japanese Badminton, and much more! You can also enjoy winning and getting some prizes.

All Anime Club members are working in the booths.

Jordan Partridge states, “I’m really excited for Anime Day! I’m personally a part of Anime Club and I love to see it come alive with every student. I’m cosplaying as a character from a video game and I am exhilarated!”

The winner of the art contest hosted by a fellow anime fan, Zeenia Merida, will be decided by Stacey voters! All art submitted needed to be characters from games, animes/mangas, or even their own made up characters. There are many wonderful entries; this will be a hard decision for all the voters!

Appropriate costumes are allowed. You can dress up as anything from Anime characters to Video Game characters.

Hopefully, we can have just as much fun as last year! Many students are joining in on the fun!

Anime club had worked really hard to get this day ready for all of the students, so participating would be most appreciated!

Sayōnara!! (Goodbye!!)

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