Life of a Star – Thanh Danh 2


Thao Vy Phan

Thanh Danh is one of the most valuable athletes on Stacey campus. Widely known for being a star on the girl’s basketball team, she possesses a caring and humble personality. Her friends describe her to be sweet, humorous and helpful. She says, “I’m a punny person and in that way, I can sometimes cheer people up with jokes.”

She is the middle child between two amazing brothers. She states, “My older brother is seventeen and my younger brother is ten… [they] are funny, amazing and helpful… when I was on crutches, they helped me get what I needed and were right there when I needed them.”

Always encouraging, her parents have been  supporters of her sports activity. Thanh claims that they “[are] right there when [she] needs them.”

At the age of six, she became fascinated with basketball. She claims, “There’s not really a reason why I love basketball. It’s just something I love in general.” Her brother had introduced her to the wonderful sport, and since then she has been captivated by it.  

Thanh came to Stacey by way of Willmore Elementary School from kindergarten to fifth grade. Next year she plans to attend Westminster High School.

In the future, she wishes to travel and see the beautiful sites of the world. She expresses, “I really want to travel and explore new places when I’m older. I want to try new food, see cool attractions.” Although unsure of her career path, Thanh is aiming for a job that requires physical activity.  



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