#13 For the Win!🏀👟 2


Nikki Do and Kristen Fernandez

February 3rd, 2002. Be sure to mark this memorable day because that day is basketball player #13’s birthday!

Who is #13, you may ask? Well, his name is Stanley Nguyen. Stanley is a well-known basketball player at Stacey that often is seen playing at the courts with his friends. While everyone knows “ball is life”, Stanley has more in mind than just sports.

The Cougar Chronicle wanted to know more about this basketball star and is pleased to present the Stanley Nguyen some students may not know.

Beware, Stanley is a person of few words.

Cougar Chronicle: What is your full name?

Stanley Nguyen: Just Stanley Nguyen.

CC: When is your birthday and how old are you?

SN: I’m 14 and my birthday is February 3rd, 2002.

CC: What religion are you?

SN: Catholic.

CC: How tall are you?

SN: 5’8.

CC: What is your favorite food?

SN: Pizza.

CC: What is your favorite color?

SN: Black.

CC: What color do you dislike?

SN: Pink.

CC: What is your favorite sport?

SN: Basketball.

CC: What are your favorite shoes?

SN: Jordans.

CC: What is your favorite music?

SN: Rap.

CC: What music do you dislike?

SN: Religious music.

CC: What is your favorite number?

SN: 13.

CC: Why is number 13 your favorite?

SN: In school I have always been picked as number 13, so I got used to it.

CC: What is your most hated number?

SN: 5.

CC: What is your favorite brand?

SN: Nike.

CC: What brand do you hate?

SN: Probably Reebok.

CC: What type of shoes do you hate?

SN: Crocs.

CC: What type of food do you hate?

SN: Just spicy [food].

CC: Why don’t you like the color pink?

SN: I don’t know. I just wouldn’t see myself wearing it or using it.

CC: When and where did you start playing basketball?

SN: First grade; [I started] at a park.

CC: Why did you start playing basketball?

SN: I fell in love with the sport.

CC: Where do you play basketball now?

SN: I play on a travel ball team.

CC: Who taught you how to play?

SN: My coach, Darion Gibson.

CC: What do you do over the weekend?

SN: Running. practice, and training.

CC: What do you train for?

SN:  I train to get better at basketball.

CC: Where do you plan on doing in your future?

SN: I want to be an NBA player.

CC: Are you nearsighted or farsighted?

SN: Near.

CC: What do you think of school?

SN: School’s cool, I guess. Too much work, though.

CC: How are your academics?

SN: I have a 3.5 GPA right now.

All in all, Stanley is an exceptional student in the athletic and academic world. He devotes much of his time to basketball, yet has time for many other activities. Stanley truly is an intriguing student here at Stacey! We would also like to thank him for giving us his time for this interview.


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