8th Grade Promotion Requirements Reply


Jennifer Ly

8th Grade Promotion is being held on June 16, but only for students meeting promotion standards. To gain the Diploma, students need a 2.0 higher overall GPA in 7th and 8th grade and a 75% attendance. For the Certificate of Attendance, students need a 1.5 – 1.99 cumulative GPA and a 75% attendance.

Students must also pay off any  debts (such as library books, Chromebooks, lunch money, etc.). Additionally, students with too many absences, tardies, discipline referrals, or that have not secured a GPA of 1.5 or higher in 8th grade may be excluded from promotion.

It is required by the Westminster School District that students follow the dress code for promotion. Male students should wear dress slacks or khakis with a long or short sleeve button down shirt tucked in. Female students should wear dresses that reach the knees, with straps one inch or more. No tuxedos, strapless, backless, low cut or informal attire are allowed. Females need to consider their footwear wisely as they will be walking up and down stairs. Flip flops and clog type shoes are forbidden due to safety issues. All school dress codes apply to promotion clothes.

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