The Fault in Our Generation 2


Quang Truong

Dear children born after 2000,

Please get your act together. Our generation is by far the worst generation of them all in many ways. Constantly, we get bashed and criticized for our bizarre behavior. Many worry about their eyebrows more than grades. The abundance of technology can help us make amazing advances, but yet many decide it is more important to see what Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala. Superficial.

Currently, our generation has not been named, but some names in speculation are the iGeneration or Generation Z. Some even call this generation the “Snowflake Generation” due to its sensitivity.

As Mr. Yohn explained, “Like a snowflake, you’ll be fine, but then when someone does something to you, you just fall apart.” Fragile.

Just to make things clear, there have been four named generations before us.

The first were called the Silent Generation/The Traditionalists. They were born before 1946. Many grew up during the Great Depression, World War I, or World War II. In this generation, men typically worked while the women stayed home to watch after the kids. People from this generation want to feel needed, strive for financial security, are more patriotic, understand the sacrifice for the greater good, and most are now retirees.

The second were called Baby Boomers, The name came about because in the years of this generation (1946-1964), many couples decided to have children and the giant explosion of babies coming into the world was extreme. People of this generation grew up during the Civil Rights Movement and the Cold War. The term “workaholic” came from this generation due to the long hours worked and their work ethic was measured in hours worked. Baby Boomers are more distrustful of the government, more free-spirited and found that relationships among people were important. Some famous people that were born in this era are former president, Bill Clinton and award-winning actress, Meryl Streep.

The third were called Generation X. This era lasted from 1965-1980. People in this generation tended to slack off more with the ease of technology starting to come forward. The “X” part came from the lack of identity that this generation showed. In this generation, people were more informal, strived more for emotional security, were more self-reliant and independent, were better at multitasking, rejected rules and believed that there was a gap between friends and family. Historic events in this time were the AIDS epidemic, the Vietnam War, the invention of computers, MTV, and the rise of grunge and hip-hop. Some well-known people are current president, Barack Obama and artist, Jennifer Lopez.

The generation before us is known as the Millennials. These people were born between 1981-2000. Millennials grew up with the internet, cell phones, etc. This generation is more racially diverse than the previous generation. People from this generation are typically ambitious, optimistic, impatient, very informal, have a short attention span, more accepting to change, and are the beginning of the “Everybody is a winner” phrase. Some historic events were the rise of the internet, CDs, DVDs, and the swine flu epidemic. Some well-known people of this period are the actor, Ashton Kutcher and professional tennis player, Serena Williams.

Now to our generation. We have the absolute worst of luck. As adults, all of us will have to deal with the national debt, fix the economy and more. We, as a group, lack community-oriented skills, such as being team players because of our devotion to ourselves, greatly fed by social media. We also feel more entitled to everything than past generations who knew they had to work to get what they wanted. But, our generation processes information at a lightning speed and will be smarter in many ways than all of the previous generations.

Some historic events so far are the 9/11 attacks, and subsequent war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Great Recession, Hurricane Katrina, the invention of the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, and the rise of social media. Unfortunately, we have not yet had a time that we can think of that hasn’t had war.

Continuing on with this intervention, our generation is so self-obsessed that when things happen that we should care about, we don’t. We don’t care about children starving and begging in the streets, but we do care about what DJ Khaled is eating. Instead of telling what we really feel, we condense it into 150 character blurbs that barely scratch the surface. Instead of judging someone on what they have to say or their personality, we judge them by their appearance and what privileges they have. Sad.

So much that we will need to worry about is happening in front of our eyes, but too many devote themselves to their screens. Indeed, we thought slavery ended but there is a new breed and we are not the masters. Once a device comes in our range, we bow down to it revering it more importance than the people we care about like peasants did to kings and queens back in history. Nobody cares anymore. Maybe we should be called the Apathetics.

This generation expects we will do amazing things in the future without actually doing anything, and we hope that someone else is going to clean up the mess that the previous generations caused, but it’s us who have to clean it up. Our country has a tens of trillion dollar debt, yet most in our generation with money in their pocket are willing to throw it all away for a new phone case and overrated shoes.
Please, think first.

Before you buy that $20 hipster healthy meal, look around and save what you can because you never know what will happen next. Our country could totally collapse on itself faster than the speed of light. Sit back and watch if you will, but beware. While you search BuzzFeed for that really funny video about pigs, make sure you know what’s happening around you. You may not like it.


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