Lawyers in the Making! – Welcome Back Edition 👋😁 Reply

Heather Tran, Kristen Fernandez, and Nikki Do

Kamusta ka na, children! (How are you, in Filipino) 💂🙌 Welcome back! We apologize for the month long hiatus, but we are back in business. Hopefully, another hiatus will not take place after this.

If you forget how Lawyers in the Making works, basically we choose a topic, have people pick sides and explain why they picked that side, and finally set up a poll for readers to vote. Last month’s winner was Converse!  Anyways, enough with the past; let’s get on with this debate!

For years, people have been arguing about who is the real queen of the music industry. It’s been going on for so long that it’s time to settle this dispute and see who shall be the #1 QUEEN!

In one corner, we have the fabulous Beyonce!! In the other we have the amazing Rihanna!! Now pick up your microphones and sing your praises to the queen you like best! 🎶🎵

Queen Beyonce 👑🎤𝅘𝅥𝅮: Tony Nguyen, a 7th grader, says “[Beyonce is better than Rihanna] because she does better make-up and her voice is like God. I like her hair and appearance, [and] she does better concerts.

Queen Rihanna 👑♭🎤: Delaney Powell, a 7th grader, says,”Musically, I think Rihanna has a beautiful voice and she uses it very well.”

Well, thank you for reading this week’s edition of Lawyers in the Making! Be sure to vote for your queen! We are once again very sorry for making you wait, but we hope to have one up and running every week from now on! Remember to look out for your Lawyers! Have a fantabulous week! BYE!!!

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