Legend Of The Kind Person Reply

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Thao Vy Phan and Leah Kurihara

The Legend of the Kind Person is the new kindness campaign Leadership has started. This campaign is a contest to see who is the kindest person at Stacey Middle School and will run until June 8th.

Throughout the campus, chosen teachers and Leadership students will be acting as “kindness watchers” looking for small acts of kindness. When he or she notices a student helping around campus, these “spies” will give out kind points to encourage students.

Students are rewarded points by the “kindness watchers.” If students are caught doing kind acts, they  heighten their chance of being the kindest student on campus. Additionally, the student with the most points will receive a hundred dollars cash for a prize.

Mrs. Valverde, a beloved English, Spanish, and CCR teacher, states that the purpose is “to spark being more kind, to teach students one can do more to love . . . , to go beyond the normal day . . . , to trigger change in people’s hearts . . . It teaches our students to be activists and to show the world is good . . .”

She passionately believes that we should, “Show this world that good people are in this world and that we are willing to bring each other up . . . We are are all ending up in the same place at the end–six feet under.”

After performing a compassionate deed, make sure to input it in http://tinyurl.com/WSDBeKind. If you receive a kind points, collect them all and deposit them to the Leadership group at room G2 Friday mornings. The points will be tallied and added each time.

Stacey is falling behind in the race to be the kindest school, so make sure to input your kind deeds. To get to the website, go on to the Westminster School District website and click the Kindness Campaign link.

The Dalai Lama said, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

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