Will Your Idea be Passed into Law? Stacey Congress Reply


Leandra Gimenez

In Mr.Yohn’s 8th -grade history class, students were tasked to generate ideas to help improve the Stacey campus. The purpose of this project was for students to learn the progress of passing a bill. Congress will be the leadership class, who has been sorting through the ideas to find which of the many bills submitted will become a law.

Once the ideas are submitted, a small group of Leadership students will organize the papers by separating the possible plans from the impossible ones. The next step is to have the whole Leadership class vote on the idea. The voting process is very simple. First, they discuss the pros and cons of the idea. Once all questions have been answered, it goes straight to a vote. If the majority agrees to pass it as a law, it will officially happen.

Some proposals that have been discussed include a beach trip for the eighth graders, Starbucks style seating around campus and free Stacey t-shirts for incoming students. Out of these three ideas, Leadership agreed to the free Stacey t-shirts; however, the outdoor seating is still being debated. One idea that many students are excited about is the eighth grade trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. This idea was submitted by many students and passed through Leadership. Now it’s just a matter of whether or not the district permits students to go.

If you have any suggestions that may improve the campus feel free to drop by the Leadership class and submit the idea.

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