Put down your phone! 2


Destiney Hagberg

When we go out  with our families, it really is a time to spend time with them.  Yet, I have often been to restaurants and seen families sit in complete silence all staring at their little screens. Technology shouldn’t be taking over our lives.

We’ve become so obsessed with recording our lives and receiving “likes” and “followers,” that we are not really living in the present anymore.

In the past years, medical professionals have diagnosed conditions like “text neck” and “text claw.” These conditions have caused some people to  have sharp pains in the neck and cramps in the hands. Blurry vision is another physical consequence as well.

There is a new study suggesting we shouldn’t use our phones or any technology an hour before bed. The argument is presented because there are blues lights in the screens that give our brains the signal to stay up. If the last thing you see before you got to bed is a screen, then your brain will have a hard time shutting down.

No doubt, technology is a good tool for school and communicating with other people, but it was never invented for us to spend hours and hour on it. Some kids are having a hard time communicating in person now because they are not forced to talk anymore when using a phone.

When you’re older and looking back at your life, you’re not going to scroll through every message you ever tweeted or rewatch your most-liked Vine videos. You’ll probably sit and reflect on your memories, but if your memories are only of events that happened on your phone, you’ll wish you had put your phone down and experienced these moments while you had them.


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