Journalism is Cool: Come One, Come All Reply


Heather Tran

The school year is almost over and it’s time for sixth and seventh graders to choose their electives for next year. There are many options to choose from, however, Broadcast Journalism one of the best out of all of them.

First of all, Miss Walters encourages students to choose their own stories which can even be a weekly column or poll.  She says, “The best way to become a better writer is to be passionate about what you write. When that happens, you will put your best into it. Writing should be fun.”  

Also, if you wish, you can be apart of the broadcasting team which will be doing much more broadcasting next year.

Jonah Vu, the column editor, says, “Journalism is a great experience. In this class, one can really improve their writing skills while also meeting new people through interviews. You also get a glimpse of how the real world of journalism works. I highly recommend taking this class as a year-long elective.”

Delaney Powell, a 7th-grade columnist, says, “I will be returning to Journalism because it is very fun. It brings out your [creative] writing abilities. Also, it tests how fast you can write an article. It’s like a small little family in here.”

Additionally, due dates tend to be flexible as Miss Walters knows that students have many assignments in other respective classes. The requirements for this class can be easily met, therefore, it is not difficult to get a good grade. Thus, it will not harm one’s GPA but boost it instead.

So fill out the application and join Broadcast Journalism!

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