CCR Field trip to UCLA Reply


Samantha Skcoilic

On Tuesday, April 19th College Career Readiness went to UCLA. Seventh and eighth graders went to the campus and had the privilege to explore.The purpose of these school-outings is for more “hands-on” experience. Educating through “in-person” experiences helps show students the college world in a whole new way.

Many students enjoyed the informational and enlightening trip. They viewed multiple sites during the tour, including the Bruin Bear Statue and the inverted fountain.

Zeenia Merida states, “I really enjoyed the scenery and the information we learned from the tour guides. My favorite part was seeing the Bruin Bear Statue; it was so large and well detailed. I also like the campus store. It was so large and so many different parts that you could explore! Very beautiful and I would love to go again.”

Mrs. MiLinda Valverde exclaimed, “My favorite part of the field trips is just being with all of [the students] and knowing that every mind on the trip is stimulated and grateful about being in the moment of the college life. I love how students can embrace every part of the trip, ask questions, and experience what it feels like to be on a college campus and be amongst each other.

During the tour, the CCR students were permitted visit a lot of different buildings. Although they did not go into any facilities, the tour guides taught them a lot. They learned about pranks between schools. This included USC trying to dye the inverted fountain red, but the end result was pink. They got a lot of laughs.

This field trip has shown many CCR students that the world goes beyond middle school. It also illustrates the level of difficulty in being accepted in multiple colleges, especially when they learn that only about 9,000 are chosen from a group of 99,000 applications.

The field trip was greatly enjoyed and many students loved it. CCR field trips are always fun and educational.

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