My Sports Life! Caleb Dochnahl Reply

IMG_7257Destiney Hagberg

Caleb Dochnahl might be described as a very athletic student at Stacey Middle School. He is loved by all his friends and many people enjoy being around him. Caleb has amazing goals and is sure to have a great future with sports.

Ever since he was six years old, he has played sports. Caleb Dochnahl said, “Well, like most kids, my mom wanted me to play a sport.”

Once he started playing, though, he fell in love with baseball. He also tried baseball and basketball at Stacey Middle School and was very successful at them both.

Caleb Dochnahl said about his coaching, “When I was eleven my baseball coach, coach Barnes, taught me how to play correctly and made me love the game even more. I would say he had the most impact on me.”

Caleb is very willing to try other sports as well.  He says, “ I have played baseball, flag and tackle football, soccer, golf, hockey, basketball, and volleyball. Also, some of my hobbies are skating and surfing.”

Many of these sports come into play at school. He is on the running team and was on many other teams throughout the year.

Caleb shows his dedication to school through all of the teams he plays on here at Stacey.

Still, there are downsides to being so dedicated to sports. He said, “I’m really busy with sports, so sometimes it gets hard to keep up with turning in homework assignments.”

He shows how student athletes sometimes have a struggle with all of their assignments.

Caleb feels like he is ready for high school and is looking forward improving his grades so he can play sports in high school.

In high school, he plans on continuing baseball, football, and surfing. He said, “I’m mostly excited about sports and meeting new people. I am worried about the academics because I want to get into a good college.”

As his eighth-grade year is coming to an end, he said, “Being with the people I love the most every day is my favorite memory in middle school.”

Caleb will be missed at Stacey Middle School for all of his athletic success and academic effort.

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