Gridded Sketch Projects Reply


Grid drawings from Advanced Art students Jonah Vu, Tyler Serrano and Mya Rodriguez

Jonah Vu

Advanced Art recently completed their newest project: grid art! Students used graphite pencils, kneaded erasers, and blending stumps to sketch a realistic 12” x 18” picture.

The first step was to choose a photo to use as a model. Most students selected a picture from the internet, but some used their own personal photos. They then drew one-inch grids on the printed out photo and the same amount of boxes on a larger canvas, creating a scaled up version of the original.

Now the process of copying the photo box by box on the larger paper, which took about two months, began. Using their sketching tools, students slowly recreated the photo during class and at home, perfecting details and blending various shades.

After several weeks, the pictures were completed and turned in to Ms. Karsh. They were glued onto black construction backgrounds and mounted in Ms. Karsh’s classroom together for a stunning effect.

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