Handing Humanity Hope Reply


Samantha Skocilic

Monday, April 18th through Monday, May 2nd CCR and Leadership classes at Stacey launched the Handing Humanity Hope campaign for refugees impacted by war and violence. This week in every homeroom class, students  were shown informative videos about who the refugees are that we are helping during this campaign.

Our goal is to raise 2,000 dollars for the refugee organization around Europe. Each student is urged to donate two dollars to the worthy cause. The top three students will be featured along with the top three homerooms for their tremendous efforts.

Donating money is a way for Stacey students to show these refugees that we want to help the children affected by the war. In aiding those in need, we can ease their suffering and give them hope. We also want to help the governments which have accepted refugees.

Please make an effort to donate and make a difference in people’s live. The great Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  

Gandhi was a very wise man.


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