Getting to Know Mr. Thorsen Reply

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Leah Kurihara and Leandra Gimenez

Mr. Thorsen is a seventh and eighth grade PE teacher at Stacey Middle School, and he is in charge of Stacey’s ukulele club. This week we have decided to get to know him better by asking him a few questions.

Cougar Chronicle: How long have you been teaching at Stacey?

Mr. Thorsen: Ten years.

CC: How long have you been teaching overall?

T: 30 years.

CC: What other schools did you teach at?

T:  I taught at Elementary schools. In this district, I’ve taught at Finley, Fryberger, and Schroeder.

CC: Which did you like teaching better? Elementary or Middle school?

T: I enjoy the middle school, well, middle school PE.

CC: What other subjects have you taught?

T: I taught 3rd, 5th, 6th grade. And I’ve taught middle school social studies, music, and math.

CC: What made you want to become a PE teacher?

T:  I’ve always enjoyed doing PE when I was a regular teacher, so I went into that field because I like being outside, and I like to exercise and get kids in shape.

CC: If you could add one thing to the PE curriculum, what would it be?

T: Maybe a surf team, in the morning, go down to the beach. I would like to coach surfing.

CC: Did you play sports in high school?

T: I was in water polo and swimming, then I went into competitive surfing after that.

CC: What surfing competitions did you win?

T: I won the contest the Cosmic Creek two years in a row. I surf in pro-amateur contests.

CC: Who did you surf against?

T: I surfed against Tom Curren, Peter Townend, and other old pro surfers.

CC: Who is your surfing idol?

T: Kelly Slater.

CC: What is your favorite part of the year?

T: I do like the winter when the waves get bigger.

CC: Isn’t it a little cold, though?

T: Yes, but the wetsuits are really good.

CC: What is your favorite sport to watch and play?

T: I enjoy soccer a lot. I do all the sports but I enjoy soccer the most. I [also] like watching pro surfing meets in Kawaii.

CC: What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

T: I like to play music and spend time with my family. I have two grandchildren, so my favorite thing would probably be spending time with them.

CC: What instruments do you play?

T: I play piano, guitar, and ukulele.

CC: What is your favorite type of music?

T: I like all types of music. From classical to rock to blues to Hawaiian. So kinda all types of music.

Mr. Thorsen created the ukulele club and coaches the boys soccer team. Stacey thanks you for everything that you have done to make the campus a better place!

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