Publication Possé 📚📑- 1


Nikki Do, Kristen Fernandez, and Jonah Vu

Welcome, welcome, all book lovers or lovers of books! Today we are back with three book-movie adaptations, specially targeting movies that were disappointing to fandoms. Excluding the magnificent Harry Potter series, we present the worst and the best book movie adaptions. Now tremble before “the horror of Diet Coke!” (the God’s chosen beverage).

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 🔱: This six book series by Rick Riordan is popular among readers because of its ties to Greek Mythology. With its amazing plot, it contains many inside jokes and humorous moments that keeps readers captivated. However, many fans were disappointed in its movie which debuted February 12, 2010. It was found that many characters in the movie were untrue to the book description and, a few scenes were cut out and replaced. Overall, many readers were crushed.

The Divergent Series 💉: This trilogy by Veronica Roth has brought many fans joy. Beatrice Prior lives in a dystopian society where people are divided based on what morals, or factions, they value most such as intelligence or honesty. Those who are sixteen are tested to see what faction they belong.  However, the movies have proven unsatisfactory for many.

The first movie, Divergent, premiered on March 21, 2014 and received average ratings. This movie had tried to stay as true to the book as possible but many scenes were mediocre such as Tris’s testing.

The sequel movie, Insurgent, had come out about a year later on March 11, 2015 and had also received low ratings from fans. Many scenes were adjusted to fit the movie instead of remaining true to the book.

The last movie, Allegiant, which came out this year on March 18, 2016, went completely astray from what Veronica Roth had originally written. Each scene was very different from what had happened in the book such as Tobias’ encounters with Nita.

A part two of Allegiant is promised to be released some time next year. Fans of the series had fallen in love with the books, only to be discouraged by the movies. The Divergent fandom had high hopes and their expectations were not met.

The Mortal Instruments➰: Renowned author Cassandra Clare hooked readers with a huge six book series that started in 2007 and ended in 2014. The series is about a girl named Clary Fray who discovers that demons, werewolves, vampires, and faeries are real, and many are out hunting for her. The first movie, starring Lily Collins as Clary, came out in 2013, but received low reviews and extreme dislike from fans of the book.

Recently, however, a TV series called Shadowhunters has finished its first season, and although it strays from the books, many fans approve of it. This thirteen episode series stars Katherine McNamara and airs on Freeform. We highly recommend reading and watching it!

Thanks for reading this edition of Publication Possé!! We hope you do well in your Reading classes!!!! BYeEe and Keep READING!!!!!!!!!!! 📚📖📗

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  1. I must agree, the Percy Jackson movies were a disgrace and a terrible representation of the books. I’m about 73% sure that someone held the story writer at gunpoint and said, “I want you to take these books and completely ruin them for everybody.” The other 27% estimate I have is that the writer was some diabolical mastermind out to ruin the Percy Jackson fandom and to make the world suffer extravagant pain. Of course, these are just my theories.


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