We will miss you, Ms. Erdelyi! Reply


Erin Brown

Ms. Erdelyi is a seventh-grade science teacher who is  known around campus for her power points that start off every period in her class. She is a fun and carefree person who is always teaching with a smile on her face. I started off with an important question just to get warmed up.

CC- One of the more common questions that have gone around campus is: what are your fish’s names?

Ms. Erdelyi- That’s a question around campus? It’s Flotsam and Jetsam because they’re Ursula’s pets’ names in the Little Mermaid. There is Racerback , George, and Fred.

Once that was covered, I got down to business.

CC- What was the reason you decided to become a teacher?

Ms. Erdelyi- I always wanted to teach science, but at a higher level. I was going to teach college. But, when I was doing my student teaching, I just loved young people so much, that I just decided to go into teaching middle school, and I love it.

CC- Is there anything you enjoy teaching the most during the school year?

Ms. Erdelyi- Getting to know my students has always been fun for me.

CC- Why do you use powerpoints to start your classes?

Ms. Erdelyi- My powerpoints really help me stay on organized and help me to make sure I give every class every bit of information they need, and I like to start out with my “Interesting Fact of the Day”, just to give the students something to focus on. So, I won’t be just yelling at the students to get this out or get that out.

CC- How did you come up with doing the “Interesting Fact of the Day”?

Ms. Erdelyi- I got a list of interesting facts years ago, and for years I had always thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to start out every day with an interesting fact?” But the years went by and I never did it, and then one year I said that was it, and I was going to start doing the interesting facts. Now, I believe, I have been doing this for five years now and my students seem to really enjoy them, so I have just always kept them.

CC- Why do you use the “Interesting Fact of the Day”?

Ms. Erdelyi- I use them just so when kids come in here and focus on something, and just to have basically something interesting to start every day. Some of them are better than other of course, but I just wanted to start each day with something different. Since I can’t start with cupcakes, I though the interesting fact would be a good idea.

CC- Do you think that kids focus better when you use YouTube or BrainPOP videos?

Ms. Erdelyi– I think that YouTube videos and BrainPOP videos help some students. I like to use my powerpoints and the videos, like the ones on YouTube or BrainPOP, to help kids plant the information in their brains and kind of interact with it. Sometimes, though, it seems no matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to help, but I think that different things work better for different people. So, I try to use all types of different ways of teaching, you know visual, hearing, and seeing.

CC- What is your favorite lab that your classes do?

Ms. Erdelyi– I think that my favorite one has to be crazy traits, which is coming up next week because it is learning while having fun. It is hands on, and my students normally enjoy it.

CC- You mentioned to your classes that you are retiring after this year is over, why did you decide to do that?

Ms. Erdelyi- I am 64 years old, I have some minor health issues, and I just decided it was time to take care of them.

CC- Do you think you will be back to this school for any reason at all?

Ms. Erdelyi- I want to come back here next year for second lunch to see all of my students and just talk and catch up with them. Maybe I will show up to their eighth-grade graduation, or one of the dances next year. I would imagine that I will show up occasionally next year.

CC- What do you think you will miss most about this school?

Ms. Erdelyi- What I am going to miss most is about this school is my students, just getting to interact with them four times a week and getting to hear all of these stories. Of course, I will miss the staff too, just the personal interactions I have I will miss because I live alone. I will also miss creating my powerpoints and my lessons because it is always really fun to come up with all of this stuff.

CC-  Do you have any idea if anyone will be replacing you next year, that is, if anyone will?

Ms. Erdelyi- I am not sure if there is going to be somebody new brought in because the classes are smaller and Mr. Dandridge will probably have seven sections of seventh-grade science classes. [Maybe] if more people end up coming, but I don’t think that there will be.

Although this is the last year of  Ms. Erdelyi teaching, she still works hard every day to make sure that the students  in her class have fun and pass her class. With the end of the school year approaching, Ms. Erdelyi counts down the school days as they go by. She had first started when there were only 51 days left of school, and she still writes it on her whiteboard.  And students are also anxious, waiting for the end of the school year to come.

We will miss you, Mrs. Erdelyi!

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