How to Meet Deadlines- A Must Read for Middle School Reply


Jennifer Ly

Many students have trouble meeting deadlines. Poor management of time leads to last minute cramming and low-quality work. As a result, assignments receive low grades and student’s grades go down. Meeting deadlines is not easy, so here a few strategies that can help.

Sometimes, students procrastinate when tasks seem too daunting. Breaking the task down to small, manageable pieces can help. For example, an essay can be broken up into five smaller pieces: the intro, second paragraph, third paragraph, fourth paragraph, and the conclusion. Put mini-deadlines for each section, not just the final deadline. Failing to meet a mini-deadline will contribute to failing to meet the final deadline.

To reinforce meeting a mini-deadlines, determine a reward that may be earned every time a deadline is met. If the first deadline is met ahead of time, the student can be rewarded with a gift.  Abstaining from an addiction– such as candy, the internet, or music– can help meet the deadline. Additionally, having someone regularly check up on the progress can prevent veering off course.

Another strategy to help meet deadlines is to eliminate any distractions. Social media, television, books, etc. can pull the student away from their task. Eliminating any distractions will help the student focus on the assignment.

Planning ahead of time can also help students meet deadlines. Instead of focusing on one day, focus on the whole week. That way, any sudden complications, surprises, and changes can be dealt with a few days beforehand. This will also allow working at a comfortable pace instead of frantically cramming everything in at the last minute.

Deadlines are hard to meet, but with these tips, they can be achieved.

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