Amazon Takes Over? Reply


Quang Truong

When you hear the word “Amazon,” most people think of the online shopping titan that many love for their wide variety of items.

Now, Amazon is planning to open physical stores that may appear in malls across the country. They are opening particularly bookstores and department stores, which is BIG trouble for the bookstore chain, Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble carries books, movies, CD’s, trinkets and in most of their stores, Starbucks. Amazon carries those items, except for the fresh drinks and snacks, but they do carry hundreds of other different items that Barnes & Noble doesn’t.

One might not be surprised with Amazon’s decision because they aren’t the first to do it. Warby Parker, before an online exclusive company, had the plans to expand its empire to physical store locations and it worked.  Warby Parker, a company that makes glasses, sunglasses and prescription lenses, opened stores across the country. There are two in Los Angeles, one in San Jose, one in San Diego, one in San Francisco, and one in Venice. Warby Parker’s expansion gave way for Amazon to have reassurances for stores.

Sandeep Mathrani, CEO of General Growth Properties, a real-estate agency based in Chicago, angered CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos when he announced Amazon’s plan which Bezos did not want to be announced. But now, we know their plan of shopping mall domination is coming soon.

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