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IMG_2498 (1)Erin Brown

Ms. Sale is a seventh and eighth grade Language Arts teacher. She is also in charge of Stacey Middle School’s talented choir. She has a pet snake that she allows the classes to hold, and she helps students in her class read up to three grade levels above where they first started.

CC- Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Ms. Sale- Because I originally wanted to be a psychologist, but I realized when you are a teacher, you get to be a combination of a psychologist, mom, social worker, helper, teacher, mentor, philosopher, and comedian, all rolled up into one!

CC- You often put your classes up against each other, what made you come up with that idea?

Ms. Sale- I felt like if there was positive motivation from each class, and they were competing on the same level, that it would make an excitement. That way then at lunch time, they smack talk if they don’t do well, the kids who normally don’t care about school all the sudden care about school. I saw them succeeding in a way that they never did before and it was really exciting to watch that.

CC- Your classes do something you call tapping before each and every test, how did you come across it and what does it do?

Ms. Sale- It’s something that a lot of people in physical therapy and kinesiology use, and it was something I came across in physical therapy. It’s a neurological reprogramming of the brain, that’s pretty intense and when people were able to use it for football, really any sports, and personal growth. I thought it would assist kids that I see struggle a lot with test anxiety. Now, a lot of kids are really scared to take tests and they know the material before they walk in the test, but ultimately when they take it, they blank out. So, this is what exactly helps with blanking out.

CC- You put your classes up against each other for a prize at the end of each trimester. Now that brownies aren’t allowed, what will you do instead?

Ms. Sale- Well, I found out that that the Food Services allow 75 cents for an actual brownie with a juice box, so I figured we’ll make it a cafeteria brownies party. The reason why I said brownie points used to be back in the day when the girls were girl scouts, they used to get brownie points that would help with their badges. So, maybe next year I’ll change it from brownies to something else.

CC- What made you decide to be the choir teacher?

Ms. Sale- I’ve always sung, my whole life. My first performance publicly, was when I was twelve, and I was in front of 5,000 people, which was terrifying, and I was really bad. Over time, I never got any lessons, I always taught myself, and it was just something that I really love. So, I thought that it would be a blast.

CC- You often let your kids hold your pet snake, why do you do this?

Ms. Sale- I do this because it’s a national program, that PetCo recommends having classroom pets because it gives children the opportunity to learn how to have ownership and to be able to understand what it takes to handle an animal. A lot of times kids get dalmatians when they’re cute, and chihuahuas when they are cute. They get chickens, bunnies during Easter time, and then they just toss them and they end up in the pound. So if somebody understands the responsibilities of caring for an animal and how to hold it and how to be with it, they can alleviate their fear and they will know the responsibility and time they need to spend on the pet. It is actually a national program, there are only seven approved animals that they allow in the classroom, and this is the only kind of snake that you are allowed to have because they are considered to be the ‘chill’ snake.

Ms. Sale is known around campus for her amazing singing and doing something different than other classes. She has helped many students catch up to their grade level for reading and always ensures the students have fun. Ms. Sale is extremely radiant and hilarious and so is her pet snake!

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