Should Kids be Allowed to Play Football? Reply


Delaney Powell

Many feel that kids should play football as long as they use the safety precautions. When the NFL came out with Pop Warner, a non-profit organization that provides youth football, students rushed directly to the signups. But what these students did not realize is that danger may be lurking in the future for them.

The facts show that one in three kids gets hurt every year playing football. For the longest time, most people didn’t seem to notice or care, until Paul Oliver, a famous football player, committed suicide caused by a brain injury.

This frightening event struck a match for many concerned students, who soon dropped out of this sport.

Students were in the dark as to what might happen if they continue to play the sport they loved.  If they continued, there might be serious consequences such as debilitating brain diseases. Many concerned parents pulled their children out of the program, not taking any risk of injuries.

When Pop Warner started losing players, they took extra safety precautions which led to a 70% decrease in extreme injuries.   

“Kids are growing smarter every day so the activities that they participate in need to keep up, so the kids in this generation should be allowed to play football because it’s not like video games or TV shows. They’re outside and getting active,” says psychologist Brenden Murphy in a New York Times article.

Ultimately, for many, the benefits like helping young people understand teamwork and build trust, outweigh the possible consequences.

As long as they take extra safety precautions, like adding extra padding to the helmets or the shoulder pads, students should be allowed to play football, but each student and parent needs to weigh the odds and come to their own conclusions.

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