Bullying Issues – Just Make it Stop Reply


Jennifer Ly

Bullying is a major worldwide problem that has been occurring for centuries. School bullying is a huge contributing factor of it.

About one out of every four students are being bullied on a regular basis, according to Bullying Statistics. Additionally, Kidpower reports that in 2007 approximately 80% of students were bullied within the school grounds.

Only 36% out of 64% of children who were bullied notified adults, according to Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

One of the greatest consequences of bullying is the deep and lasting  harm it can do. Researchers have found that bullying often leads to depression. According to Bullying Statistics, both bullies and the victims are more likely to suffer from depression than others who are not involved with bullying.

Youth who experience depression may also commit suicide. Victims of bullying are two to nine times more likely to commit suicide than non-victims, studies by Yale University concluded.

Moreover, at least half of suicides among younger people are connected to bullying, a study in Britain shows. These statistics show how urgent of a problem bullying has become in past years.

Unfortunately, only about half of educators have received training on how to deal with bullying, according to Kidpower.

Furthermore, a study from National School Board Administration reports that only 2/3 of middle school and high school students believe that teachers can stop bullying.

Also, in 85% of bullying situations, no teachers or administrators make any effort to intervene, Bullying Statistics writes.

If teachers and administrators will not intervene, teenagers should band together to prevent bullying. More than half of bullying situations stop when a peer gets involved and helps the victim being bullied, Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center reports. They also report that student bystanders are usually aware of situations before adults in the school and can intervene more effectively.  

Bullying can also be prevented if there is a clear and fair consequence to bullying. All students who bully should be punished fairly, regardless of who they or the victim are. If victims know they will get a fair hearing, they might more easily come forward.

Another way of preventing bullying is to have a clear definition of bullying.

Vivian Tran, a seventh grader, says that bullies “don’t realize they’re hurting” the victim.

Having a clear definition of bullying will allow bullies to recognize what bullying is. It would also distinguish it from constructive criticism, discipline, and motivation.

School bullying is a serious problem that could drive people to depression and/or suicide. Too many people have been bullied in the past. Let’s put a stop to it now.

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