NJHS Update Reply


Tyler Serrano

Stacey students still have an opportunity to join the National Junior Honors Society club for the third trimester.

Interested students must attain at least a 3.2 grade point average in the second trimester of this year and have no N’s or U’s on their report card in order to join this club. They’ll need to show it to Mrs. Gates by Friday, April 15th, along with paying a $6.00 membership fee.

For new NJHS students, one Campus-Cleanup or one alternative service is required for each trimester.

NJHS students should complete a service project and have a total of four service hours by the end of the trimester. Attending meetings and events is also required to stay in NJHS. If you are absent or signed out the day of a meeting, you will be excused.

For eighth-graders who are interested in receiving the NJHS medallion at graduation, it is mandatory to be enrolled in at least two trimesters, one being the third trimester.

For more information about this club, see Mrs. Gates or Mrs. Doyle.


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