Spring Festival Reply

Heather Tran

Dance Club and 8th-grade student Jeannie Skidmore performed at the Spring Festival to represent Stacey at the Westminster Civic Center on March 19.

Dance Club performed a traditional Vietnamese dance while wearing ao dai, or traditional Vietnamese dresses. They also danced to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.”

During this performance, Dance Club wore black pants with white t-shirts and flannels around their waists. Jeannie Skidmore performed “Cake by the Ocean,” by the band DNCE and “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift.

All of the acts performed from 1 to 2 o’clock. Over a thousand people came throughout the day to craft different things at the vendors, eat food, and play games at a cost of 25 cents.  

Mrs. Valverde says,”I was extremely proud of Dance Club and all of my performers because they took time away from school to represent our school community and educate others through dance and various forms of performance. It was awesome to see them up there as leaders.”

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