Heart of a Killer Reply

heart of a killer

Quang Truong

Many Stacey students know the tale of SeaWorld’s famous Tilikum, a killer whale captured from the wild and kept in captivity. His story and the story of many other killer whales, or orcas, that are kept in inadequate spaces made many hearts sink.

The film, Blackfish, brought the stories to light.

Blackfish exposed SeaWorld’s and other theatrical marine parks’ animal treatment practice. (It’s on Netflix for those interested.)

Most students on campus today boycott SeaWorld because of their treatment of the animals.

One student, Jocelynn Timmer, hates, and I mean hates, SeaWorld. She has taken her opinions to the streets of San Diego to protest the theme park’s animal treatment practices.

She said. “It is really good, but I think they shouldn’t be keeping them anymore.”

Shown in Blackfish, SeaWorld feeds false information to their visitors, often to cover up their mistakes or any signs of mistreatment.

SeaWorld keeps the whales in confined spaces, separate babies from their mothers, and most of all, their practices lead to unpredictable behavior in the animals. Previously gentle and happy killer whales have attacked the trainers even killing some due to years of boredom and frustration causing them to snap.

But now, SeaWorld is letting go of their renowned Shamu shows after the drop in attendance over the years after Blackfish was released to the public.

In their announcement video, SeaWorld stated that the current orcas they have are going to be the last generations, meaning that they will no longer breed the whales, and they would stop the shows and keep the animals for exhibit only.

SeaWorld’s announcement brought joy and relief to many Stacey students.

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