Marina High School -Expo Night and Class Registration Reply


Jonah Vu and Quang Truong

Marina High School hosted an Incoming Freshmen Night/Expo on March 22 to introduce the programs they offer, such as various sports, the class options and requirements, and other extracurricular activities. Students and parents had a chance to meet the administration, some teachers, many coaches, and the counselors.

If you are going to Marina but did not go to the expo night, then fear not, we’re here to help. Even if you did attend and found it all overwhelming, here is a recap.

In the cafeteria, students were able to sign up for sports they were interested in joining, while also being able to see the variety of sports Marina offered. Sign ups started at 6:15, which was 45 minutes before the main academic expo started. It was optional to register or even attend the sports signup.

The Marina band played music as people filled the gymnasium, providing entertainment while students and parents waited and simultaneously showcasing Marina’s band program to possibly interested incoming freshmen.

Dr. Rasmussen, an assistant principal and guidance specialist, kicked off the event with the introduction of their cheerleading squad.

Their performance began with their most famous cheer, which referred to the school’s official colors, gold and blue. Then, they broke out into a highly entertaining, fast-paced performance, which consisted of flips, pyramids, and blasting music.

Even though the guidance counselors came and thoroughly explained everything, some people still are confused. If you’re that person, don’t worry!

If you’re just hoping for a REGULAR schedule for your freshman year: these are the recommended classes: CP (College Prep) English 1, Biology, Algebra 1, PE 1 or a sport, Health/Elective, and one Year Long Elective.

If you want a bigger challenge and think you want an HONORS schedule for your freshman year, the recommended classes are: English Honors 1, Accelerated Biology, Accelerated Geometry, PE 1 or a Sport, Health/Elective or a Year Long Elective, and one more Year Long Elective.

Remember, you can mix and match honors and regular classes. For example, if you are strong in Math but not in English, then you can apply for Accelerated Geometry and CP English 1.

Class Requirements: This mainly applies to the honors students.
To get into English Honors 1, you currently need an A or B in English Honors 8 OR an A in Regular English 8. Also, there will be a summer reading assignment for this class.

To get into Accelerated Geometry, you will need to pass the Geometry Placement Test, with a score of 35 or higher.

To get into Accelerated Biology, you must be enrolled in Accelerated Geometry.

To get into the year-long elective World Geography Honors, you must be enrolled in English Honors 1.

To get into the elective/world language, Spanish 2, you must have taken Spanish 1 already with Mrs. Valverde and received her recommendation.

To get into a Sport, you must have a Sports Physical form filled out. Keep in mind that the school will register you with regular PE until they see a team roster with your name on it sometime in August. Musical students can also take Marching Band in place of PE.

Important Info:

It is not required to take Health during your freshman year. It can be delayed for another year or it can be taken as a summer course. If you delay Health, then you get two-year-long electives, instead of one-year long elective and Health/one-semester elective.

For those that want to be in an honors class but don’t meet all the requirements, they may petition for it. To petition, you must fill out a form, which can be found on the Marina website (

By petitioning, you are making a one-semester commitment to the class, regardless of your grade in that class. This means that you cannot drop out until the second semester.

How to select and submit your classes:

On March 23, two of the three Marina guidance counselors and Dr. Rasmussen came to talk about classes and the school itself.

There are 2 ways to select your classes.

Way 1: ONLINE; Use the AERIES Portal Account. The steps are below.

Steps for AERIES Online Class Registration.
Log into your AERIES account.
Go to
Click on AERIES SIS under Parents and Students
Sign In
Once in AERIES, hover over Student Info
When you see all of the options, go down to where is says Course Request Entry and click on it
On the right, there is a box that says Filter Courses. There is another box that says Sbj. Area with a drop down that says Show All Courses.
Click the box that says Show All Courses and select the subject. Choose the class you would like to take. Honors classes have the word “Hon” after it and Accelerated Classes have the word “Accel” before it
If you would like to request the class World Geography Honors then follow these steps: Go to the drop down menu, Go to Electives, and select the class that says: W Geog Hon A (15C)
Repeat Step 5 for all classes.

Way 2: Email or Drop Off the Scheduling Worksheet to your Guidance Specialist.
If you do not know who your guidance specialist is, here they are:
Last names: A-G, your guidance specialist is Ms. Deborah Felton
Last names: H-O, your guidance specialist is Ms. Debborah Stocks
Last names: P-Z, your guidance specialist is Ms. Melinda Gomez
The emails of the guidance counselors are on the Marina website, and they are always open for questions.

Deadlines for course applications are on April 15, so don’t wait until the last second to fill it out. These classes will prepare you for your sophomore and junior years, and choosing classes wisely is extremely important. It is recommended to map out your entire high school journey before even choosing that first elective.

Remember, high school is a memory that you will always cherish throughout your whole life, so make it a good time to remember. Get involved as much as you possibly can. There are endless opportunities that Marina has to offer, so take advantage of them, because when you apply for college, you might wish you had done more.

Welcome Students, to Viking Nation.

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