Get to Know Me! Jocelynn Timmer 4


Destiney Hagberg

Jocelynn Timmer is a well-rounded kid with a wonderful personality who has a unique story to tell. She is advancing in soccer and becoming a better person in spite of all that she has gone through.

Jocelynn overall struggle was her parent’s divorce. They have been divorced since she was seven years old. They were rotating days with her until her dad finally got full custody of Jocelynn when she was around eleven.

She said, “It was hard, all the fighting and who gets me. It finally made sense that my mom was not in any condition to take care of me.” As she got older, she and her dad got a little place of their own and fought hard to keep it. Her mother was never a big help, and Jocelynn never wanted anything to do with her until she cleaned up her act.

Jocelynn is now 13 years old, she is happy, healthy, and enjoying life. Her father has full custody of her still and they are now living in a nice little town home near the high school she will be going to next year. Jocelynn said,”I just looked on the bright side and realized that my situation could be worse, and I am happy how things are now. I also looked to the Bible and church for support and prayers.”

Sports have played a big part in her winning attitude. Jocelynn has been playing soccer since she was five years old. She started playing because of her dad. Jocelynn said, “He wanted me to get moving and be active, so he put me in soccer. Also, my mom and grandpa played when they were little, so soccer is in my blood.” She also enjoys running and has a lot of energy, so soccer fits her best.

She loves how the game is fast, energetic and fun. Jocelynn also loves the group of people she works with and how together they are able to score points against the other team. The bond of the whole team is great as they work together. She said, “Just everything about it I love. I don’t know how to explain it; it’s just fun, and I have a love for the game.” She wants to be on varsity in high school and get a scholarship for college.

The challenges for her when she plays are how to make a goal, giving people plays to score goals, and keeping the ball from going into her own goal.

Jocelynn said, “To be honest, the whole game of soccer is a challenge because I am still learning every time I step on the soccer field. There’s a lot to learn, and I have so much more to experience.”  

The other challenge she has is having to control her speed and control of the ball.  She is still really energetic and fast, and she tries to control her speed the ball more.

Her goal for soccer is improving ball control so she won’t have to worry about losing it. Plus, she wants to juggle the ball more than she can count, learn new tricks and moves. She wants to have an accurate kick, so every time she kicks a ball she knows exactly where it is going. Jocelynn’s goal is to never stop having fun and loving the game of soccer. She said,”I will never give up when it gets too hard.”

She also wants to have lifelong friendships with her teammates  and have  amazing bonds with them.

Jocelynn also played tennis for two years and still plays it sometimes. She has done swimming for a year at a local swimming pool. She has also played volleyball for a year and still plays often. She played flag football for two years in  middle school. She is currently on a running team at school and has been on this running club since last year.

Extra things Jocelynn wants people to know!

“I’m vegan, I love the 80s and 90s; anything old school. I play the ukulele and I can eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. I love reading anything, I love to learn something new every day, and hanging out with my friends. I also love going places that I have never been before, I have been in two protests before, protesting against Seaworld and Japanese killing dolphins, whales, and orcas. I also love Jesus, reading the Bible when I can and going to church. I also love to sing and dance.”


  1. It’s not every day someone openly says in middle school they love Jesus. I have had a tough time with that as well. Being Christian and living in a middle school environment can be hard to pull off at the same time. Great job, Jocelynn.


  2. I am humbled by your story, Jocelyn. You have an amazing spirit. You also have an “old” spirited soul that sees and understands beyond your years. Don’t lose this gift. I love how you are so proud to share you look to the Bible for wisdom. There are so many words of wisdom here and I too look to it daily! Stay strong in the beautiful YOU!!! YOU ROCK!!! 🙂


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