Guitar Class Reply

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Nikki Do and Kristen Fernandez

Music has no limits, so the powers that be at Stacey decided to open a guitar class this year as a new elective. It takes place during 8th period with Mr. Woodruff. Currently, there are twenty-four students who take this class

Last year, students in band were able to apply for guitar. Mr. Woodruff stated, “I took kids to help build upon their talents in a different venue because band class is a group activity where you play with your friends to make the product whole.” From this class, the students will be able to build on what they learn and play different genres of music.

To be able to apply for this class, one must also take band the same year and must take zero period PE. “The class was created for students who really enjoy band: the hardcore band kids,” said Mr. Woodruff. During the class, students use guitar tuners in order to tune their instruments. They also do warm-up patterns and scales; all students study the creation of music on the guitar.

In order to demonstrate the progress made throughout the year, the students played for the school board on March 10th.  The school board itself is the community that helps fund the program here.

After thinking long and hard, Yaoming Hsu, an eighth grader in both guitar class and band, says, “I have nice friends there… I have always wanted to play guitar. And the opportunity opened itself to me when I was offered a second elective.”

Valerie Nguyen, another eighth grader in guitar states she likes the class because, “ you’re able to learn a skill that you can just use like as a recreational hobby, and it’s just fun. It’s just something you can use all throughout your life…”

The guitar class was created to exemplify music on campus and expand the student’s own knowledge of music. For those joining Stacey or returning the next school year, be sure to consider joining the class!

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