Horrible Homework 2


Destiney Hagberg

As kids get older and go through school, we begin to mourn the death of our free time due to the amount of homework we receive and all the long nights we stay up to finish everything. As the weeks continue, we then wake up early the next day to repeat the cycle all over again. Homework shouldn’t take up our whole day after school; it should only be some practice.

As teenagers, it is important for us to have a social life, family time, after school activities, and a certain amount of sleep. Many kids are having a hard time balancing all these things with such a big load of homework.

Statistics show that 29% of 13-year-old students report spending two hours or more on homework daily in the U.S.

Leah Kurihara said, “I usually spend about three to four hours on homework every night.” This is very stressful and unhealthy for growing teens.

The Westminster School District suggested time schedule for homework is 60 minutes four day per week for sixth graders and then jumps to 90 minutes four days per week for seventh and eighth-grade students.

One factor that must be considered is that not all students work at the same pace, and some middle and high school kids end up spending more than the recommended hours doing homework. When you think about it, we are in school for seven hours and then, at times, spend the rest of the day doing more school work.

In reality, it’s important to be well-rounded, but we have little choice with homework. Also, many kids go to practice for two to four hours, have a family dinner, and then still have a long night doing homework.

This is cutting into sleep, which is awful in the fact that we are growing. Lack of sleep can stunt growth and lead to additional stress. The problem is, if we were to go to bed at a decent time, homework wouldn’t be finished.

If you ask any kid, they do not have a choice to not do their homework. Their grades will drop and their parents would be mad, leading to a loss of privileges.

Statistics even show that kids who participated in extra curricular activity have less stress. The only thing is, they have less time for homework.

Homework takes away all of our free time to spend with friends and family. Having relationships with the people around is a part of life and is a skill that everyone needs to learn.

Teenagers should be able to have time not thinking about school. With less homework, many kids would be able to participate in extra activities. As it is, many have quit activities since their grades dropped for not having finishing homework.  Without heavy loads of homework, students could do things they enjoy instead of being cooped up inside doing homework.

The amount of homework that teachers give sometimes is too much. Homework can cause stress, depression, lower grades, and less time to do extra curricular activities or hang out with friends. Homework should have limits on the amount given.


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