Publication Possé #3 📚📑- Reply


Nikki Do, Kristani (Kristen) Fernandez, and Jonah Vu

Welcome book nerds!! We hope you have been reading! If you are in Honors English 8, watch out for books you might want to use on your book report project! We are here once again to introduce you to three series that may come in handy when you have nothing to read!

Shiver 🐺: The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater begins at the first book, Shiver. Grace Brisbane, at the age of 11, was attacked by wolves, yet one, Sam Roth a half human, half wolf, saved her. One day, men go on a hunt for wolves and Sam is shot and appears on Grace’s patio in critical condition. From then on, Grace and Sam find themselves huddled in a romantic slice of life trying to save the rest of the pack.

The Young Elites by Marie Lu👥: In the lands of Kennetra, a terrible plague, a blood fever,  sweeps across the country, leaving many dead. Few survivors, mostly young children, are left with strange markings and are labeled malfettos, who are despised and thought to be cursed. However, there are rumors that some malfettos, called the Young Elites, are granted with incredible powers.

One such Young Elite, Adelina Amouteru, survived the blood fever, but it marked her hair and took her eye. Unable to control her powers, her anger leads her to unleash demons upon her father, killing him. At her execution, a mysterious Young Elite rescues her and introduces Adelina to the Dagger Society, a group of Young Elites seeking to overthrow the kingdom. Adelina believes the Dagger Society is aiming to help and protect her, but she soon realizes that their ruthless tactics and motives leave no room for sympathy or failure. She must learn to control her power or die.

Maximum Ride 👼: This sci-fi series by James Patterson features a group of kids, who are not only human, but half avian (bird) as well. After escaping from the terrible lab, also known as The School, Max and her friends attempt living an ordinary life. But when mutant crosses between wolf and human, also known as Erasers, disrupt their “normal” lives, everything takes a toll. Max and her friends, or the flock, are forced to take action and get away from the Erasers, which may lead them right where they started.

Thank you once again for reading this week’s edition of Publication Possé!! Should you have any recommendations, please comment down below! Have a prosperous AR life!

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