Color Ink Drawings Reply


Jonah Vu

In the advanced art class’ latest project, students designed a pattern and color ink drawing, similar to a page in a coloring book.

This design that took about a month to complete was done on 14” by 17” paper and was colored in a variety of mediums.

The first step was picking out a subject to draw and sketching it on a plain 14” x 17” paper. After the body shape was sketched, another large paper was chosen appropriate to the planned medium.

Once the final draft sketch was finished, students used black sharpie or ink pens. With the outline done, the next step was to “color within lines,” either with colored pencils, markers, watercolors, or other mediums.

Many drew swirling designs and zentangles, while others blended colors with gel pens or colored sharpies. The result was a crisp picture with an array of colors.

The artwork was glued onto a large black paper and will soon be mounted in Ms. Karsh’s advanced art classroom.

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