Would You Make That Deal? 4

BeFunky Collage

Heather Tran

‘Ello! Last week, a lot of people voted yes to the deal to endure isolation for six months with nothing but food, water and a book in exchange for one million dollars. For me, I would most likely vote no because I can’t last a day without my phone.

Now, let’s get this week’s column on the road!

Superpowers are really cool. They give people the ability to do the impossible.

Let’s say you can get any superpower you want. The only catch is that you lose your sense of smell, taste, hearing and become colorblind. So would you take this deal? Answer in the poll above and I’ll see y’all next week.

Have a fantabulous life! 🙂


  1. Actually, I can name a few superheroes who have had this happen to them. There is a member of the Avengers Initiative (a training grounds created by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers to train children from the ages of 13-18 in their super powers) who was a surfer. I don’t remember his super name, but I remember his name was “Dylan” before he turned 16. On Dylan’s 16th birthday, he discovered he was a mutant, a human with unnatural capabilities. He lost his sense of hearing, his sense of taste, could only see in the colors of red, black, and white, lost his sense of taste, and lost all feeling to his body. The only way he could hear people was through a psychic link created by Director Jean Grey (and reading people’s lips).
    Slowly, his skin started to disappear and he became extremely strong, was able to leap twenty times higher than a gold medal gymnast, but had the appearance of a buffed out man made of bronze, and his head and face looked like a bronze skull. So, he could survive it, so does that mean we can? After all, he’s a fictional character.

    Sry everyone, had to comment this I haven’t got my geek out in a while XD


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