Block Scheduling- Yes, No or Maybe So? Reply

Screenshot 2016-03-10 at 2.15.01 PMKristen Fernandez

Each year, on the second week of school, new students are bewildered with their schedule. No history class on Thursday but nearly and hour and a half of it on Friday! It sounded complicated with too many things to memorize. In reality, it is very simple.

Students and teachers at many schools have adapted to the ways of block scheduling, but both may not know the benefits.

There are different types of block scheduling for schools. Some schools alternate classes where they meet with different teachers every day. Others do a trimester switch off where students take two to three classes for 60 days in order to earn credits.

Here at Stacey, block scheduling takes place every Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, students are expected to attend their four odd period classes and on Friday attend their four even period classes.

The way the classes are set up on these two days is ingenious. During the first three days of the week, the classes are regular for the students and teachers. The students go to all 6 classes on their schedule and have lunch in between. With block scheduling, each class is given a bit more attention because of the additional time.

Block scheduling has many benefits for teachers. For one, it gives the teachers a longer time to plan the day for an excellent lesson. It also gives the teachers a chance to teach their students thoroughly on a certain lesson without the lack of time. Teachers are also able to give students tests or quizzes without them having to feel rushed. Furthermore, teachers are able to give a review of the lesson from the previous day and still have enough time to start and finish a new one.

Not only do teachers often fare well  with the use of block scheduling, but students do as well. Students are able to talk to their teachers for a clarification on something that they learned without running out of time. They will also get more work done in the class because of the extra time. They might even be able to do homework at the end of class.

Block scheduling at Stacey and other schools is a very clever idea. While there are different types, they were all created to benefit the students and teachers.

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