Would You Make That Deal? 8


Heather Tran

Hello, children. This is a new column. The basic idea of this column is for you, the readers, to vote yes or no to a deal that is “offered.” Now, let’s  begin the deal.

Many people desire to be rich and wish for fancy sports cars, private jets, mansions designed to their liking, etc. However, how far would they go to achieve this dream?

For this week’s deal, would you stay in complete isolation for six months to earn a million dollars? During this time period, you would have to stay indoors at all times, no technology, no human contact, just books, a notepad, food, water, and a shower.

Vote yes if you would take this deal in the poll above,  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next week.


  1. There is no downside to this. No homework, no chores, just alone with books and at the end you get $1,000,000! That is my dream.


  2. I could do it >.< I love to read and all I really need is bread, cheese, and water.

    Tbh, I would like it better in isolation than out here, I'd think it would be much prettier and fun to go exploring around where I am.

    Unless you are trapped in your house, but still, if I have a pencil and a notebook. I could write the time away.


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