First Soccer Games! Reply

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Destiney Hagberg

Stacey Middle School Soccer was on fire March 2! Both girls and boys soccer teams went to Westminster High School to play Warner.

The girls did really well against Warner beating them five to zero.

Leandra Gimenez said, “We all did very well. We were passing the ball and moving around. The halves were really short too.”  

Lexi Vanhorn, who was on fire, scored two times! Reese Rosas did great and scored off a free kick. Jocelynn Timmer and Leandra Gimenez, amazing athletes, each scored one time.

Stacey’s boys tied with Warner, zero to zero.

They all were shooting, but the ball never made it into the goal.

Jake Cataldo said, “We should have won the game, but I don’t know why we couldn’t score on Warner. We are so much better than that.”

After school, you could see them practicing for the game they were about to play. They were working hard until it was time to get onto the bus.

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