Battle of the Homerooms: Candy Stacks 2


Nikki Do, Jonah Vu, and Kristen Fernandez

In a race to stack candy hearts, each teacher sent in one student to compete in this month’s Battle of the Homerooms during second lunch on Thursday.

Surprisingly, only three people showed up, until our own journalist Nikki Do decided to step in.

The contestants were: Ryan Cervantes from Mrs. Cleckler, Brando Monroy from Mrs. Ortega, Andy Nguyen from Mrs. Ibbetson, and Nikki Do from Ms.Walters homeroom class.

For one minute, each contestant precariously stacked as many candy hearts as possible, but their flimsy towers fell before they got high enough.

Ms. Watts, a PTSA member that runs the event, said that the best part is “watching people’s towers fall at the last second. They get eight, they think they’re going to win, and then they hit [their tower] and it falls.”

Because of this, by the end of the time limit, Brando and Ryan tied with a stack of merely three candies. To break the tie, the two of them continued in a second round for 30 seconds. Ryan won with three hearts to Brando’s one.

All contestants received a box of candy hearts and some Laffy Taffys. Anyone who watched also received some of the leftover candy, and eighth grader Eric Bui said he was given “a piece off the ground.”


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